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What are the benefits of pharmacogenomics testing?

  • Testing can save you time and money. Physicians can select the medication solution for their patient specific needs – right from the start, avoiding the “trial and error” approach of prescribing drugs that may or may not work for you.

  • Dosing is tailored to increase medication effectiveness.

  • Reduced risk of adverse drug reaction (ADR).


What is involved in the testing procedure?    

A simple cheek swab called a buccal swab is easy and non-invasive. Talk to your physician and ask for a Miratech Labs brochure today!

Is pharmacogenomic testing covered by insurance?

Many insurance carriers provide one-time coverage for pharmacogenomic testing. Miratech Labs offers four separate pharmacogenomic tests to meet a patient’s medical necessity requirements.

Pharmacogenomic Tests Available

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