Blood Testing

We collaborate with cutting edge research institutions and leading physicians in the creation of comprehensive, advanced blood testing. Our panels are developed specifically for unique medical specialties and their particular requirements. By providing an in-house test menu, we offer the convenience in one location for patient testing

Our test menu availability allows the ability to design custom blood profiles to monitor the possible side effects of:

  • NSAIDs aide effect monitoring is used in relation to renal function, hematologic, hepatic, metabolic, and additional body systems which can be damaged

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis medication blood profiles are used for monitoring cancer and immune system problems

  • Opioids medications studies has been shown that long term treatment with opioid medications can inhibit and stimulate many aspects of the endocrine system

By reviewing FDA Research Documents, and Published Report Studies, we strive to offer an extensive blood testing menu to provide ordering physicians options to monitor the patients they serve